The Watermark is simply an internet protection for the work and is not on the copy sold.

Pricing aluminum prints is complex. This is because the prices set for photo-art defines and affects many things.

Prices define the audience, the work and times.

In practice, it is more complex. Price is not the main factor that people look at before they consider whether to buy a piece of art. It can be an unexplainable desire, something that one must have to view often, like a friend close by.

Why buy patrickwey's work?

He is versatile. He has created numerous styles in film photography, digital, video, writing and his art will live on as his works become more and more noticed, for his insight has always been on time, while so many artists are so far behind the current current.

Buying art for something to invest in, is always dubious. By far, most great art becomes worth more as time stretches into the future. Patrick's work speaks volumes, some is just unique but so much is superb.

As of Jan. 2017, in the next months this site will grow into the thousands of images. He has worked hard to organize, digitize, set up social media connections and narrow his scope to presenting this enormous collection to the world.

Now is the time!

Any questions about quality, pricing, custom orders, please ask. Some images could be adjusted more to your liking. There is such a large volume it is hard to be on top of every detail for every image.

Patrick is responsive to adjusting images with a personal signature or onto different formats not supplied here such as , brushed aluminum, wood, pexi glass. If you saw something somewhere else that you would like, just ask.

Thanks for Viewing,