Patrick Wey is internationally regarded as a fine art photographer. His work extends into commercial areas, including documentary, industrial and editorial photography.
Patrick has shown successfully in galleries across North America and in Europe.

The reasons I photograph, capture and create images are complex. Sometimes I am mesmerized by the flicker of light across a shimmering leaf, or light glimmering off turbulent water;  windy rain against black pavement or the imaginary world of the other-side of a reflection, a puddle.

It is the art of light that dances about in various ways that intrigues me. The beauty of nature in all its mysterious glory, the tender look of a woman, a child, the beauty of shape and form and texture wherever, whenever.

The sharp edge of our technology against our mother, the earth; the tormented souls of people in our world, on the subway, in the streets.  I document whatever the day brings forth, sad or beautiful.

I have no sacred understanding of so-called ‘pure’ photography or art in general. It is all manipulations of reality to various degrees. I appreciate any technique used to develop images; surreal, abstract, any form whatsoever to create an image that moves me.

It is the dance, the shape, texture and colour that all comes to life with the brush of light.

Photo Life Canada- Markham, Ontario “Wey, experienced fasts and sweat lodges from which tribal visions come. All this may help explain the visionary feel and psychedelic colours of Wey’s imagery.”