About Us

Patrick Wey & Associates came about because of the need to focus in on sincere earth friendly business. This is a learning curve with constant research in the ever growing concern for the earth. We are here to enhance the fulfilment of your goals with the earth kept in mind.

We prefer to work with kindred spirits – sincere earth friendly people and businesses – to respect and be respected. We are very approachable and open to working with you to clarify and realize your mission.

Our company continues to grow with the opportunities created by the green movement. The internet and it’s movement of information is not stagnant. It is constantly changing as more and more information needs to be located, evaluated and made to work for your company. From design to implementation of your website with all it’s medias of graphics, photography, video and written content we will best assist you in firmly placing your company in its field.

In todays market it is simply just not good enough to have a website and a few videos and a page on facebook or a twitter account. One must connect all the dots. Social media marketing has come of age but as of yet few really understand its potential and implementation.

We will work with you to grow well.