B78 … The Real Pandemic

The mind of the poet, artist, critical thinker is being banned/censored as in the days of lennin, stalin, hitler, mao, castro…..many, many others.
The continuing war of the unnatural against an intelligence that created all we see when our eyes are clear and open is here full force now separating things. The unnecessary patented GMOwned seeds to genes, tomatoes to humans; the war of power, control, money, greed is being injected into the very nature of things.
A few conspiracies of past to recall: DuPont’s plastic molecules take-over of the hemp industry, the pharmacological industry dominance with their patented molecular manipulations of natural plant medicines, the fossil fuel and atomic energy smothering control of technologies of point zero natural off-grid living–energy systems and an extremely dangerous modern scientific arrogance over the very natural-laws that govern pure healthy-life-forms on this planet of mother earth.
Conspiracies make this world go round. Theories are just some people thinking, clear and not so clear; but there is more than enough evidence that there are very foul agendas lurking in almost clear sight.

Today bio-robotic intelligence attempts to take control of all seeds and food supply, energy sources, human naturalness, with a matrix of wireless communications to the very spiked altered cells of life everywhere.
Our world is controlled by psychopaths, liars and thieves……the real pandemic is us ‘self blinded’.

‘only a few well hidden bullets fired‘…

Mass world round-up experimental injected insanity is here now.
More and more people are waking up to fragments of deception, lies and manipulation, conspiracies. We out number the main-controllers a million to one and we have the technology today; the internet, immediate decision and response to change this human madness. People are waking up around the world; a probable new dawn appears to be rising on the long dark horizon.





He said, “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969”
And still those voices are calling from far away
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say……..

‘Things are about to get extremely turbulent
with crimes against humanity
nature cursed from broken treaties
the ultimate violation on creation
and self hypnosis rampant and we’re all to blame
so have your last vain whimper now
there’s gonna be a long hard rain, fall’.

Images and writing by patrick wey
Lyrics by the Eagles, Hotel California

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