pw Ventures

This is Patrick Wey the Artist and Patrick Wey the Poet. He is also a theoretical Scientist. Not only has he written articles on scientific subjects but in he demonstrates and showcases his profound grasp of science and his technical expertise. Working with, amongst others, Viktor Schauberger principles – the originator of implosive energy natural-esque technologies – Patrick Wey the Scientist lays the ground work on intriguing relationships between the ethereal and material plains.

Patrick Wey is the owner, director, web-designer, writer, photographer of the following:

WaterNature – Our survival depends upon us to understand and implement the natural implosive bio-technological systems of nature. Most renewable or sustainable energy sources are not a permanent solution. – Learn more at:

iWaterEgg produces a TearraCotta water egg emphora for the storage of water to keep the water cool and the water energized. – Learn More: iwateregg

Patrick Wey is the co-owner, web-designer, writer, photographer of the following:

Adopt a farm invites forward thinking people to reconnect to “their“ farmer. This site offers a variety of farm projects for people to adopt, to get involved, or simply to support. – See more at: adoptafarm

He also founded the companys:

Parallel Source, an Information Broker Co. dealing with exclusively Mankind Betterment Information (way before Google and the Internet)

LedKooLight, on the forefront of sourcing and distributing LED lighting before the Big Boys took over.