Water Everywhere

There’s water in the air

There’s water in the creek

There’s water in your day

There’s water where you sleep

There’s water everywhere


No matter what you feel, Or if you even care

It don’t matter whether your up or down

It don’t matter whether your right or wrong

There’s water everywhere


There’s water in your eyes

There’s water in your lies

There’s water in the truth

There’s water in your alibi’s

you can believe what ever you want

hold water for ransom too

but you will die of thirst eventually

if you try to


There’s water in your brain

There’s water in your memories

There’s water in the trees

There’s water in your knees

There’s water everywhere


when water flows free, it whirls and curls around

condenses,  speeds up, defies gravity

when water is confined, tortured and defined

and if you claim it’s ownership

it’ll kill you in time


no one knows what water knows

no life lives without it

no thought goes where water goes

that is all too sacred


any life issue is a water issue

water has no borders

it is all races, all spieces, all devils and gods

water knows no boundaries

water is you and water is me

we are one within water when we’re truly free


For water i am

For water i be

For water i live

For water i see

There’s water everywhere