Love Now

love is what is

what is is love

no matter what you’re thinking of

in the trees, in the bees and in the seas

beyond thought is love

that is what everything is of



it is about time


to all the friends i have forgotten about

all the moments dead and gone

the roads the paths and trails behind

to all the feelings embedded in the mind

to the multi-coloured man

lying in the silent sand

to the dreams and schemes

to the truth

that is as certain as it seems

to all life and all history

to all the gods and demons and devises

to everything that ever was or ever could be

to what is, to what isn’t

to you and me, to the one, to the many

to the lies, the ties, the cries and the alibis

to night to day

to everything that cannot say

to water and fire, earth and sky

to the moment where we lay

within this broken bay

everything has it’s say

along the way



jesus is an alibi for a mind in fear

budda won’t save you either

and mahamad is just another dream

to unite the troubled masses

there is no one going to save you but your self

there is no medicine man from any ancient tribe

that can force you to see the light

there is no path to truth

it is all up to you

there is no method, no doctrine

that is not entrapped in it’s own map

walled from the light

procedured to its doom


so what does one do

with no one left to enlighten you

no system pure enough

no scripture bright enough

no leader strong enough

where does one go for the truth


truth is in no word, no ritual, no belief

one can not find truth

truth is hidden from all seekers

beauty has no name

only the silent mind is pure

eliminate all whom attempt to own you

man, belief, the weight of the known

walk in silence open to your step

it is not of you, it is of love, of beauty, of truth

no word owns god the process the way

the absolute is beyond the mind man has created

eliminate the conditioning of the mind

this endless process of envy

break the pattern from one belief to another

there is no pure belief

walk in freedom, put thought in to its rightful place

a tool that can never be perfect, always adjusting it’s abstract form, limited

it can never know the truth

no word can set you free

the truth is absolute, beyond

it is of the silent mind

it is a constant movement of beauty, love

it is of an alert mind, attentive to all

thought may come and it may go

but it has no real control

pure attention is the beauty of god

the way, the process of our universe

start here where you are, not where you are not

what are you, what do you see

investigate your mind with clarity

see only what is and watch it in silence

free yourself from yourself

you are not what you believe

see for yourself

you are much more

no one owns you

not even yourself

break the shackles of the past

see no future

for now