It was a Gray Day

Patrick Wey Art
It was a gray day, there was one cloud, like an old sheet clear across the sky. The thoughts were loose and easy as i pondered along the road. I remembered what you said before you passed away. I kept that safe and secret from anyones ears. It was true that that day did come my way and i felt betrayal enter from everyone i knew. I betrayed myself, i let myself down, sure i got back up, kept walking but i never forgot you lying there on that white hospital bed with enough pain to fill a universe and for that one moment when you suddenly reached over and grabbed my arm and pulled me close to your face. Then as if you were completely relaxed you said it. I have never forgotten that and why that came to me as i wandered past this scene, i don’t know……something in the air i suppose, could have been anything, i don’t know. All i know is i remembered you, that day, that moment, just before you let go and passed away to the other side. I think i’ll call this image, ‘A Secret in a Gray Day’.