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Patrick Wey’s work has shown to acclaim in Paris, Stockholm and throughout North and Central America.  In the late 90’s, Patrick’s surreal photo-animated special ‘An Urban Elder’ was featured on CBC Television and was later released for sale in video.


CBC Television Documentary – Sunday Arts Entertainment – ‘A Path of His Own’

Award winning photographer Patrick Wey is profiled in the 30 minute CBC documentary ‘A PATH OF HIS OWN’.  The broadcast examines the artist behind 30 years of astonishing, diverse images.  ‘A Path of His Own’ is a fascinating glimpse of the artist in relation to his work, his life and the road he travels.  The true beauty of Patrick’s art is in quest for discovering and learning;  the magic of his imagery is the gift he shares.

Hallmarks of Wey’s work are the intensity of care and the personal passion he brings to his subjects.  From candid black and white, to technically manipulated colour images, Patrick is devoted to exploring, evoking and enriching the human spirit through his art.  Seldom does an artist break so many bounds of technique and tradition to arrive at so beautiful a result.

A Path of His Own is a near perfect miniature portrait of photographer Patrick Wey. It’s the kind of high class program that seems to have almost disappeared from CBC, so it’s doubly welcome. The profile was produced by Paula Neilson and wisely lets Wey explain his own very different ways of working. He excels in several fields: black and white studies of Mennonites around Kitchener, touchingly revealing portraits of Indian elders which tell far more than a video camera could do. His colour studies mix photography and coloured gelatins to produce colours as vivid as stained glass windows.”

By Jim Bawden – The Toronto Star – Toronto, Ontario, Canada